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I have seen it time and time again.
A ministry puts a website up on the web only to have it, for whatever reason, fall into disuse.

Whatever the stated reason, the real reason is most often that the website was difficult to maintain, inefficient and too complicated for anyone other than a computer wiz to work on.

That is why I wrote, "How To Build A Simple, Efficient, Easy To Maintain Ministry Website On a Start-up Ministry Budget".

If you are a Pastor or the Head of a Ministry, I know what you are thinking: "I just don't have time to build and maintain a website." But I say: "You cannot teach what you don't know." And by knowing this information:
1. You can teach others to build and maintain your website.
2. No one can tell you what "can't" be done on your website, and
3. You will end up with a long-term, simple, easy to maintain website that you can grow along with your ministry.
The author makes what seems a complicated subject, simple, easy to understand and easy to accomplish; and do it in a way that will fit almost any ministry budget. 
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