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If you want to rapidly learn:
  • how to handle the daily responsibilities of a manager,
  • how to successfully collect rents,
  • how to properly process the banking,
  • how to professionally show and rent vacancies,
  • how to deal with all types of problems, and
  • how to efficiently work with tenants and vendors.
...Then this book is for you!

This book is an investment in your future. The information shared here will help you become a successful apartment manager right from the very beginning, it will make life easier and help you get your work done while enjoying the job..

This 120 page 8.5 x 11 workbook is what every apartment manager needs to know. 

Marcia says:
I wish that I had this kind of informative teaching on apartment managing when I began managing my first building those many years ago – how much happier my life would have been!

You do not have to begin your new managing job by trial and error.  You can know what to do from the very beginning, including the selection of the right building for you with a "good" management company.

This book will prove extreemly valuable to new and existing apartment managers alike.

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